Web Site Overview

This web site has been created to co-ordinate and inform the general public and Freemasons about the Lodges meeting at the Collingwood Masonic Center and especially their benevolent activities in the community.

The Collingwood Masonic Centre is located at 141 Gipps Street Abbotsford. It is owned and operated by Collingwood United Masonic Center Incorporated, the primary purpose of which is to preserve and improve the building. That Association is also providing financial and in-kind support to the local community.

A strategic review in 2010 identified the Centre as an important historical and community asset.

With this in mind, the Centre’s Committee of Management has set about lifting its income to improve the centre and to re-engage with the community by both offering the centre for hire to non-masonic users and for use by the community.

The income derived from that hire activity is to be applied to renovating the building and for benevolent activities focusing on the City of Yarra.

This web site also serves to provide some general information on Freemasonry

If you wish to hire the centre, please click here to visit the hire web site.