City of Yarra

The Collingwood Masonic Centre is located within the City of Yarra at 141 Gipps Street Abbotsford, Melbourne, Australia.

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The Committee of Management of the Centre has been reinvigorated. Completing a recent strategic review, the Committee confirmed the importance of a continued commitment to benevolent support of the local community.

Benevolence and philanthropy are core values of Freemasonry. Hundreds of lodges in Victoria work alone and in co-ordinated efforts to raise and distribute money for the communities where they operate - and beyond. They also provide significant in-kind support, especially in allowing communities to use their buildings and by providing labour to assist individuals and community and government groups.

In it’s strategic review, the Committee of Management identified the City of Yarra as the geographic area to focus its benevolent activities within.

Of particular interest is supporting the development of local youth, using schools to help assist us to distribute funds and resources.