Lodges such as Devotion 723 and Evolution 931 are what is colloquially referred to as “Craft Lodges”

“The Craft” is a substitute term for “Ancient Free and Accepted Masons” or “Freemasons” for short.

The concept reflected in the term, is a man working at his “craft”. In ancient times that craft was operative stone masonry. As those operative masons formed what is known as "Speculative” (thinking) Freemasonry the term has carried on into modern (post 1717 A.D.) times to reflect a man working on self improvement through learning and crafting his character and actions. Being a better man by improving and “crafting” one's character is a central concept in speculative Freemasonry. The “distinguishing characteristic of a Freemasons heart” is charity. Other Virtues such as honour, integrity, honesty, equality, and steadfastness are also highly prized by Freemasons.

Once a man has been a Freemason for some time, he has the opportunity to join other organisations with perquisites for joining. The basic requirement being that an applicant must be a Master Mason. These organisations are often known as “appendant bodies’ and “appendant orders” while others are simply clubs and social groups, like the Victorian Masonic Motorcycle Association.

Some of these groups have special purposes - like the Shriners who focus on helping children with medical problems. Others like the Vintage Masonic Car Club are special interest social groups formed for fun and exchanges of knowledge.

There are several appendant bodies and Masonic Clubs meeting at Gipps St. These include, Chapter, Royal Ark Mariners and the Shriners.

These appendant orders and clubs that meet at Gipps St each have a page on this web site listed in the below table.

Special mention should also be made of the Kring Nieuw Holland Masonic Research Group which for many years met at Gipps St. Given most of the members attending live in regional areas, sadly, but wisely, they have lift Gipps St and now meet at the Kyneton Masonic Centre. Their website is here.

If you are interested in other appendant orders meeting in Victoria you might be interested in clicking here for a list of them. For contact information on those organisations not meeting at Collingwood, contact Grand Lodge.