Royal Ark Mariners

The Royal Ark Mariners (RAM) are a group of Freemasons.

Not all Freemasons are members of it, but all members of it are Freemasons :)

The legend of Noah, his sons, the Ark and the Deluge were enacted in the plays of the seventeenth century and continued as lessons in many of the early Masonic rituals. By the 1750s there was a Degree of Noachites or Prussian Knights. However, the first authentic record of the Royal Ark Mariners appears in the minutes of a meeting held in Bath in 1790.

Like many Masonic organisations, RAM spread during the eighteenth, nineteenth and even twentieth.

Today, there are many Royal Ark Mariners in Australia, and a group of them meet in Collingwood

For contact details – Contact the United Grand Lodge of Victoria.