Freemasonry Victoria - Masonic Taskforce

The Freemasons Taskforce (also known as the Masonic Taskforce) is a group of Freemasons and their friends and family who donate their time as volunteer labour to help the community projects. They will assist in response to natural disasters, community events, and respond to individuals and community needs.

Groups of Freemasons and their associates have always assisted people in need. In its present form, the Taskforce has existed as a Community Support Program since 1983.

Their more recent work includes planting at Ellimata Pony Club as a continuation of the Grand Master’s Bush Fire Appeal work; work planting at the Licola Wilderness Village; fence repairs to farm in Avoca; support for the rebuilding of the Rough Riders Hut in the Victorian High Country as well as local support within Districts and Lodges in supporting Masonic widows.

The Taskforce is also actively involved in Children’s Charities supporting Heart Kids through the collection of Ring Pull’s; the Variety Christmas Children’s party; Kids under Cover which support homeless children; the Special Olympics; Run for the Kids; and Extended Families Australia. Our more prominent work is working with Uncle Bob’s on the Good Friday Appeal and in 2012 Freemasons raised $54,000 and we have already started planning for 2013 where we would like to raise over $100,000.

The Taskforce is working to re-establish the “Comfort Teddies” program that supports the CFA, St. John and Ambulance Victoria and to re-establish a number of the program that have previously been run in conjunction with numerous community organizations.

Freemasons Task Force volunteers can assist your local community in various projects such as helping charities with their collections, managing vehicle parking at a project sites, directing people to food, water, medical aid and toilet points, judging sporting events, operating BBQs and refreshment points, helping with the removal and repair of destroyed assets following a natural disaster and selling merchandise to assist in fund raising.

And if you are a Freemason reading this – remember, the Taskforce needs your help and that of your Brothers, friends and family.

The Masonic Taskforce can be contacted on 03 9411 0111 or by using this contact form.

Freemason Taskforce members - helping in the Community

Above - a Freemason helping a farmer rebuild his fences

Above - Freemasons Taskforce members helping out in the community