Our Peak Body - United Grand Lodge Victoria

Freemasonry is the oldest and largest Fraternity in the World.

Today, there are over 300 lodges in Victoria working under our peak body known as “Grand Lodge”, also called "Freemasons Victoria".

Grand Lodge’s official name is UNITED GRAND LODGE of Antient Free and Accepted Masons Of VICTORIA. This is often reduced to the acronym “U.G.L.U.” just as “United Grand Lodge England” is reduced to “U.G.L.E.” – often the periods are removed and UGLV is written UGLV. Grand Lodge is also often referred to “United Grand Lodge of Victoria”, “Grand Lodge Victoria” or simply “Grand Lodge” or GL.

United Grand Lodge Victoria was formed from an earlier “Grand Lodge of Victoria” uniting many of the various Masonic Lodges working in Victoria. Its Articles of Union were agreed on the 14th January, 1889.

Grand Lodge owned and operated at the same building at 300 Albert Street East Melbourne that houses the Dallas Brooks Hall. Freemasonry purpose built the Dallas Brooks Hall for its own use and that of the community. Opening in 1969, it was renamed “Dallas Brooks Centre” in 1993. The building is named after General Sir Reginald Alexander Dallas Brooks GCMG, KCB, KCVO, DSO, KStJ who was the 19th Governor of Victoria and also Grand Master of UGLV. Sir Brooks is but one of many famous men who were Freemasons. The community and many lodges continue to use the Centre as a vibrant hub of Freemasonry and the community. Today, Freemasonry Victoria is headquartered at the Coppin Centre Melbourne.

Grand Lodge Victoria co-ordinates the ceremonial, management and membership of Victorian Freemasons. It particularly oversees charitable efforts in the State with several peak bodies and official entities such as the “Masonic Taskforce”, “Board of Benevolence” and the “Masonic Charitable Foundation”.

Grand Lodge Victoria is well known internationally for its high standard of ceremonial and benevolent undertakings.

Each Masonic Lodge working in Victoria under Grand Lodge is issued with a Warrant (License) to bring new members into Freemasonry. This legitimizes Masonic membership and allows Victorian Freemasons to visit other Masonic Lodges working interstate and in many countries in the world on the European, North and South American, Asian and African continents.

Freemasonry has a diverse membership of men of men from 18 years and older. The oldest known member is over 100 years old. Freemasons come from diverse social, economic, religious and cultural backgrounds. It is an organization which values good conduct, charitable efforts, courtesy and self development. It values a man’s character and intentions above his bank balance, address, profession and social connections. In Freemasonry, diverse men unite as equals in fraternal brotherhood and friendship for self-development and friendship sharing common values and life’s experiences.

Grand Lodge Victoria unites all these men who work together under the banner of “Freemasonry Victoria”

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Historic Quotation from the Articles of Union - 14th January, 1889

Freemasonry was first established in this Colony in the year 1840 by the Lodge of Australia Felix, No. 697 (now 474), English Constitution. It was followed in 1843 by the Australasian Kilwinning Lodge, No. 337, under the Scottish Constitution. And in 1847 the Australia Felix Lodge of Hiram, No. 349, was opened under the Irish Constitution.

The Provincial (now District) Grand Lodge of Scotland was opened in the year 1852, and has now working under its jurisdiction thirteen Lodges. The Provincial (now District) Grand Lodge of England was opened in the year 1857, and has now 102 Lodges working. The Provincial Grand Lodge of Ireland was opened in 1856, and has now sixteen Lodges working; and in the year 1883, Grand Lodge of Victoria was established, and has now working under its jurisdiction eighteen Lodges.

It is expedient in the best interests of Freemasonry, and for the better ordering of the Craft in this Colony, that there should be full, perfect, and perpetual union, and uniformity of obligation and discipline among the members thereof, at present divided into and working under the above four separate and distinct Constitutions, so that in all time to come they shall form and constitute but one Brotherhood and be represented in one Grand Lodge.

Dated 14th January, 1889