Historic Page, now superseded; Freemasonry Victoria - Board of Benevolence

These activities are now undertaken via

Freemasons Foundation Victoria Limited

Throughout the world it is estimated that Freemasons contribute many millions of dollars a day to charitable organisations and projects.

In 2012 Freemasons Victoria contributed $450,000.00 to the community through the Board of Benevolence. The sum total of the financial support the whole fraternity gives to Victoria is even larger.

Historically, Freemasonry offered affordable loans or financial assistance grants to its members and their families in times of need or distress and this practice is continued today. Applications to the Board of Benevolence by members can still be made on a form available from Grand Lodge which should be completed with the guidance of the members Lodge Almoner.

Today, much of the Boards focus is external to our Fraternity.

Assistance is offered to the wider community by grant application to the Board as well as through Masonic Scholarships and Tertiary Awards.

The Board of Benevolence also supports the efforts of local lodges by matching their contribution to local charitable projects on a dollar for dollar basis.

In 2011 and 2012 the Board has supported Collingwood Freemasons in their charitable efforts.

Freemasonry Victoria Board of Benevolence

Grand Master with Masonic Scholarship recipients

Freemasonry Victoria's Board of Benevolence members 2012