The Chapter

The Chapter is a group of Freemasons. Not all Freemasons are members of it, but all members of it are Freemasons :)

Like Freemasonry itself, the origins of the “Holy Royal Arch” (also known as “Chapter”) are unclear, but it is often accepted that it dates from around the mid the 1700’s A.D. If you think that is old – Chapter sprang out of “Freemasonry” which predates it !

The Chapter builds on the lessons of the third degree and to join, you must be a Freemason in good standing .

That’s about all the webmaster can add at the moment but if a member of the Chapter, please contact the web master to discuss writing this page for him.

If you are a Companion, contact us about getting details on the Chapter at Collingwood - or contact Grand Lodge as the Grand Chapters web site is down.